Baxter, A Rabbit With an Identity Crisis

We took Baxter to the vet yesterday and were told to our surprise that Baxter is a “she.” This is a common problem with younger rabbits, as people can often mix them up, as they did at the pet store for poor Baxter. We have friends who just had the same exact thing happen to them with their male to female rabbit.

You’d think it wouldn’t change so much for us, I mean, Baxter is still this cute, spunky, furniture-chewing rabbit who bounces to greet us each morning with paws outstretched and a white belly showing. But we have to think a bit now when we talk about . . . her.

Oddly enough we read in a rabbit book about a lady who made the same mistake and began to speak with her rabbit differently. The rabbit soon became lazy and dare I say depressed. When she corrected this mistake and talked the same way as before to the rabbit, all was well. Do you think we’re insane yet???

So it’s a time of pronoun transition in our home. She is still the same bunny, but now we look at her differently. She isn’t the male punk we thought she was. It seems like we need to create a new persona for Baxter. It’s funny how we create these odd things in our minds and keep them going whether or not they really fit the pet.

At least this clears up the mystery of why our other rabbit Evan was so friendly through the cage whenever he went over to Baxter. We expected to see biting and scratching. For once Evan knew something we didn’t.