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  1. Andy Smith

    Well Ed as someone who (big surprise) is surely voting Republican in 2008, despite my current disgust with Bush’s leadership (btw I first supported John Kasich, then voted for Alan Keyes in the 2000 primary so i can’t be blamed for Bush. Even though I voted for him twice in the general ,Gore and then Kerry won Jersey’s electoral votes!) I will give you my take on 2008. The nomination is still up for grabs and the polls correctly show Giuliani in the lead. Whether the majority conservative electorate in GOP primaries will actually pull the lever for him once they are fully informed of his positions on social issues that are akin to that of a moderate Democrat and his colorful personal life are another question. If I wanted to vote for a moderate Democrat I would vote for the well qualified Bill Richardson
    The GOP establishment in Jersey is firmly behind Rudy. That is enough reason in itself for me to oppose him. Though I like his positions on defense, foreign policy, most economic issues and law and order his social issue positions particularly his support for the homosexual agenda and most especially abortion make him anathema to me. It is especially galling that he is a pro-abortion Catholic… a GOP version of Cuomo or Kennedy. I have cut some main-line Protestants (Christy Whitman) some slack on this issue but a pro-abortion Catholic or Evangelical really disgusts me. At this point I do not know whom i support. My heart tells me to vote for Sen. Brownback, Rep. Duncan Hunter or ex-Gov. Huckabee in that order. My head say vote for whomever could best stop Rudy in the (early for once) Jersey primary be it McCain, Romney or Thompson.

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