I’m ashamed to say that I have yet to notice that you can see the sunrise perfectly from our back porch. I don’t know why I haven’t ever taken a look since I’m usually awake when it’s still dark. In any case, I peeked out this morning since everything in the yard had a brilliant pink hue to it. I soon found out why.

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One thought on “Sunrise

  1. nate

    It must have taken over the whole east coast, because my city view was exactly the same as I walked my dog. It was beautiful. I wrote this…

    God’s Sky

    The sunrise sky restored by belief in God for yet another day.
    And we’re not talking some ancient belief in the god of the sky
    It was too beautiful for that.
    If the sky god made himself look that dang good,
    He just lost my worship – because he’s way too vain.
    No, only the God of gods could make the sky look that dang good.
    That’s the God I believe in…
    Because if I see beauty in the sky that he dressed,
    What could be seen if I allowed him to dress me?

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