Vermont Life Drops the Article Scavenger Hunt!

I almost canceled my subscription to Vermont Life magazine. The articles have consistently been excellent, but the layout was simply horrendous, making it next to impossible to read a whole article. One page may have had some pictures and a little text, and then the following pages were a blitz of ads with little bits of text clinging to 1/3 of the page, nearly falling into the gap in between the pages.

You know it’s bad when the state magazine has a worse layout than the town shopping guide. I felt like I had an advertising index with a pretty cover.

Seeing older issues only exacerbated the problem. In the good old days the articles were given full layouts with beautiful illustrations and pictures. The text ambled on throughout the following pages, as if placing all of an article together was an art practiced by the ancients, but lost to our modern times of advertising. Sure there may have been ads, but the content of the magazine won out. Such has not been the case of late.

And then the Winter 2007 issue arrived today. The new editor must have given the entire magazine an overhaul. The same gaudy ads were still in place, but the articles and photographs have been given a fresh look. The content is once again the king, and the words of the articles appear on consecutive pages. I can’t believe Vermont Life let things get to the point that I am excited about something so basic, so common sense.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of the magazine if you have a chance. The stories are always fascinating, taking a peek into small town life in Vermont, even if the southern part of the state is nearly nonexistent in its pages. I’ll forgive that sin.

It would seem that Vermont Life has rediscovered its roots. I will no doubt read through it rather quickly now that I don’t have to piece together the gig saw puzzle of articles. The article scavenger hunt days are over!!!

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