A Great Source for Info on Christian Feminism

wisdomofdaughters While working on one of the study guides for my theology book, I have rediscovered a fantastic book that has been on the shelf in our bedroom: The Wisdom of Daughters. This book is a collection of short essays by Christian feminists that addresses just about every issue and doctrine out there.

The articles were originally published in a magazine called The Daughters of Sarah, but dropped out of circulation in 1996. The Wisdom of Daughters is a great step toward preserving these voices.

I have been particularly impressed by an article weighing the challenges of theology in a postcolonial world. I’m about to go to bed, so I’ll do my best to paraphrase the gist of this.

First of all, in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, the West had a colonial approach to missions where the natives were perceived as knuckleheads who needed to worship God like Westerners. Native culture was attacked and tossed aside by Western Christians.

Today, Christians are repenting of their ways and trying to embody the Gospel message within a context, while still using the cultural language and customs in a positive way. Here is where things get sticky.

Every culture has its fair share of “knuckleheadedness,” and so Christians have the dual roles of working with the positive aspects, but challenging the negative aspects of culture. Patriarchy in South Korea and India came up as big problems for Christian theologians to confront when it comes to supporting women’s rights as part of the Gospel message.

I apologize for my horrible approximation. If you found it remotely interesting, I guarantee you will enjoy this book!