Punning the Title of My Theology Book

I am excited to announce that my little theology book has an official title now.

reinvent I have heard of some authors who really hate the titles of their first books, such as Lauren Winner’s Girl Meets God or Brian McLaren’s Reinventing Your Church. The cover is horrible for McLaren’s book, showing a man, obviously a pastor, working on a church BUILDING with a tool kit. It’s almost the opposite of his message. In Mclaren’s case he had the last laugh; the book was reprinted as The Church on the Other Side.

The pastor and his tool kit were sent packing.

As for myself, I have had a very happy “titling” process. The folks at NavPress did a fantastic job. Having never titled or even written a book before, I had no idea–I mean completely clueless–how difficult it is to slap a title on your ideas that somehow embodies them, states their main points, and makes them marketable. I was told that entire committees work on these things. They certainly earn every penny they make.

I assembled my own little committee of friends and family, running ideas past them and getting their thoughts. It was a tedious, agonizing project. I have lists and lists of potential titles and subtitles, with every idea rephrased in a variety of ways. And after all of the stress and anguish, here is the new, official, sanctioned, approved, and soon-to-be-copy righted title of my theology book:

Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life

It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The best part is that most of this book was actually researched, discussed, and written in a coffee house setting.

How emergent of me.

What I hope you take way from this title is the following: this is a book for just about any Christian, but it will challenge readers to do more than discuss theology; it places theology at the center of everyday life. 

And if you can humor me as I celebrate the official titling of my book, I would like to invite my readers to make puns off the title. Really, I love puns and one of the only ways to keep myself sane while writing and trying to pop off titles was to make puns off the coffee concept. So lets have a little fun–that is, if you think punning is fun.

I’m guessing that combining theology and coffee must provide some great material for puns. I’ll start things off:

Leading Off: Coffeehouse Theology

Now available in decaf and regular.
Good to the last heresy.
Buy it today to find out what’s brewing.

I hear those groans. Give it a shot. You can’t do any worse than I already have. 

NOTE TO MY FRIENDS AT JPW: I know of your punning prowess. I dare you to pun me off the page. Bring it!

23 thoughts on “Punning the Title of My Theology Book

  1. ed Post author

    Wow, the Titans have shown up. Adam even taunted Josh, Pat and Dan with a pun!!! Brilliant! I hope I’m not destroying your productivity today. Great work everyone!

    Coffeehouse Theology, now available in:
    Caramel Calvin
    Mocha Mission
    Nutty Numerology

  2. Josh Davidson

    Coffeehouse Theology: Venti Theology in a tall cup.
    Coffeehouse Theology: Free Wifi!
    Coffeehouse Theology: Creating a stir in the publishing world.
    Coffeehouse Theology: Hoping to make Ed as rich as a breve mocha
    Coffeehouse Theology: A doubleshot for the mind. A chai latte for the soul.
    Coffeehouse Theology: You’re paying for the atmosphere.
    Coffeehouse Theology: Now serving freshly baked bread!

  3. ed Post author

    Ha! I like that “double shot for the mind” Josh. I hope this pun-off didn’t cut into your family time in the evening. This has bean hilarious.

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