On the Threshold of Something Big

Today is the “ahead of schedule” deadline for the last study guide draft for my Coffeehouse Theology book. I planned to be done by now, but after proofing one of the chapters at a cafe–yes, yes, you HAVE to write a book with that kind of title in a cafe, such are the rules of engagement–this morning, I realized that it needed to be rewritten. Sigh. I am looking forward to having more time for this blog, as I have so many things to post on. For now I’ll leave you with two thoughts and then get back to work:

  • My motto for editing and writing in general: “I never wrote a sentence that I couldn’t delete.” I suppose you could also write that quote out like this: “I never wrote a sentence that I couldn’t delet
  • I will be posting some book reviews soon, and the one I’m most excited about isn’t the latest book by Brian McLaren. Consuming Jesus is Paul Metzger’s look at the connection of consumerism and racial division in the church. He’s a fabulous writer who cuts right through all of our marketing, self-centered crap to confront some major systemic issues in the church today.
  • Did I say two thoughts? Well here’s another. What if the greatest danger to the church today is cultural syncretism? Think about it. I’ll post more on that soon as well.