Arlington, Vermont Featured in Yankee Magazine

I visited the Yankee Magazine site for November/December and thought that I recognized the covered bridge on the home page… Wait a second, that’s the bridge 2 miles down the road from my house!

When you don’t have all that much going on in your home town, you have to build up what you do have (for example, Bennington, VT built a monument for a battle that occurred in nearby Hoosick Falls, NY and christened the one-day slug fest The Battle of Bennington). Arlington has one of the most beautiful and hence photographed covered bridges that just happens to be next to Norman Rockwell’s former home and studio.

So we try to make Arlington look pretty hot, even if it’s a has-been when it comes to the arts. But hey, I’m doing what I can to put Arlington back on the map.

You can read up on Arlington in the Yankee article. I drive by the bridge and horses shown on their site every day, so it feels pretty neat that Yankee is featuring my neck of the woods as a travel destination.

Unfortunately every day is not a “vacation.”