At the Risk of Sounding Like an Eastern Religion…

At the risk of sounding like a proponent of some synthesis of eastern religions, I struck upon something last night that has helped me wrestle with the implications of my own and my nations material prosperity, God’s concern for the poor, and the Christmas season. This is the gist of what ran through my mind: “Embrace God’s love for the poor and disadvantaged.”

This is a very helpful, if not groovy, starting point if we desire to move closer to God’s heart for humanity and our calling here on earth. Scott over at theopraxis provided a helpful way of thinking about this a few weeks back while reviewing Brian McLaren’s latest book by saying that all of our problems can be solved within Jesus’ command to love God and to love one another (or neighbor). That covers so much and reveals God’s heart.

The trouble is we try to do God’s work without God’s heart. We know “that which we ought to do, but we do not want to do those things which we ought do,” if you’ll allow me a paraphrase of the King James Version. In short, our minds and hearts are not in line with what we’re doing, and so we act out of guilt, fear, and obligation, and then we end up hating ourselves, others, and God.

So let’s start at step one.  Ask God to reveal his heart to you. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to serve, keep works in mind, and maybe even keep serving wherever you may be, but make the love of God, his will, and his desires the center.

Just like, ask the great spirit to guide you, and like whatever, and then you’ll be like “Whoah,” and others will be like, “right on man.”