Romney’s Irrelevant Speech

Mitt Romney can save all of us a lot of trouble tomorrow by canceling his speech because it is completely irrelevant. Whether or not you are an Evangelical Christian, you can just as well tune out.

This is because there is only one speech, and one speech only that Romney can make that would help him get elected president and I guarantee that he will not make it. Instead of addressing concerns about his Mormon faith, I suggest the following for our floundering Republican friend:

1. Confess the following: I am a slave to public opinion.

2. State what he actually believes and promise to never, ever fall to the wooing of public opinion. Principles, the man must have principles.

This is really the only speech of consequence that Romney can make. Until he makes it, he is dead in the water as a candidate. There is too much dirt on him changing with the wind, and if the Republicans can make Kerry look like a “waffler,” you better believe that the Democrats, unimaginative as they can be, will send Romney down in flames based on his record.

Smart business man? Yep. Good manager? You bet. Family values? Just oozing with them. Religious commitment? Well, it could be worse. A man of character and principles? The jury is out on that one, and this ambiguity will haunt him no matter what he says about his Mormon beliefs.

Time Magazine reports about Evangelical Christians, “Many of them believe that if the G.O.P. nominates Romney — much less if the country elects him as President — Mormons will gain a stronger hand in the all-important business of saving souls. To them, the stakes of that struggle are as great or greater than any fight about a political office.”

I’m not so sure about that, but keep in mind that Evangelicals were practically salivating at the mouth at the thought of electing a Christian president in 2000. Bush had my support based on his religious affiliation, and such blind loyalty is wrong, just as it would have been wrong to reject him based solely on his faith. Faith must be taken into account as a part of the whole person, but I question the possibility of a Mormon agenda in Romney’s back pocket.

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