God Scores Low in Recent Survey…

A recent survey of humans concerning their satisfaction with God yielded a record 65% stating they were “very dissatisfied” with the job the almighty is doing on earth these days. When asked to state their reason for giving God such a low grade, a resounding majority cited “distance and mysteriousness” as their chief concerns.

The same survey was given to God concerning his opinion of humanity, and reported back with a 100% “very dissatisfied” rating of humanity. When asked the same follow up question regarding the reason for such a low score, God responded, “distance and lack of faith.”

Alright, so I just made that up.

If there is one problem that Christmas is set up to solve, it has to be distance. People who are distant from God are likely to get themselves into all kinds of trouble. God’s solution for wayward creation was entering it and changing it from within.

God knew that people tend to drift away, and so entered Jesus, walking among the average person. No trumpets, no weapons, no homage, just an average, ordinary person who also happened to be God.

Think of how modern leaders handle a crisis. The leader’s name, identity, reputation, and clout go into solving problems. We look to experts, to authorities, to power. And then Jesus walked up alongside people like you and me and turned the world upside down.

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