A New Blog to Watch

A few months ago I happened upon a brand new blog with one or two posts. The blogger’s name is Anna Sarah and she is an Episcopal church planter among young adults or shall we say, “Emerging Generations.” The blog’s title is Leaping Schnauzer, which I haven’t quite figured out yet, but hey, I’m going with it.

I find a couple of things interesting about this blog. First of all, Anna is starting to read some books on the Emerging Church, and so I enjoy her perspective. She gets the need for a broad, diversity of perspectives, understands the complexity of truth, and values people who are different from her. I have this odd feeling that while I may have read more about the Emerging Church, in practice she is way ahead.

Secondly, her whole approach to church planting is missional, or out in the community where people are at. She’s working on building connections in her community and I look forward to seeing where Christian communities spring up. It reminds me of Neil Cole’s book Organic Community.

Lastly, Anna is blogging on topics that I have blogged on in the past, but of course she’s coming from different angles and arriving at conclusions that are sometimes a little different from my own. While she hits on plenty of new things, I really enjoy seeing where someone else ends up when presented with a similar topic.

And one last thing, if I ever figure out what’s going on with the Leaping Schnauzer bit, I’ll let you know.

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  1. ed Post author

    Right-o. Thanks. I must have gotten Anna from an earlier post of hers that talked about someone named Anna.

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