Musings and Thoughts of a Lazy Writer…

Sometimes we need to just get a thought out there. We toss it up for grabs and sometimes people catch on and run with it. Other times the idea hits the ground with a thud.

Throwing out a half-baked or simplistic idea on a blog is often labeled a “Musing” or “Thought.” In fact, I have a whole category on this blog called “Thoughts” because, ya know, sometimes I just think of things to share and don’t quite know where they fit.

Sometimes that flies. Sometimes that really can work for a blog. In fact, Musings may be one of the most popular words used in blog titles.

But are these generalizations, these simple, unembellished thoughts and musings just a sign that I as a writer am acknowledging my lack of creativity, my inability to sit and think of where my post fits into common knowledge, and just how exactly I can label it for the benefit of my readers?

I can’t speak for anyone but myself–and I’m really not opposed to bloggers using the word “musings.” I have found lately, as I have less and less time and brain capacity to blog (until that blessed February writing deadline hits that is), that I want to just drop an idea out there, call it a musing, and hit “Publish.”

Reading that paragraph, I’m thinking, “Wow, that is really lazy. That just doesn’t fly.”

Part of writing is the title and the category. I hate both of these. I just want to slap something simple and accurate into the title and click on the “thoughts” category. Thoughts can be categorized in any number of ways, and a good post needs a catchy, concise, and accurate title. Readers need some simple category clues to sort information. These things just make blog posts more accessible and valuable.

Of course these are just my own half-baked musings on titles and categories.

Perhaps I should make a new category “hypocrisy.”