Lent Update: Chipping Away at Small Addictions

Objective: I have given up evening internet and Julie has given up reading for Lent. We’re also trying to take a walk each evening. Here’s the latest on our Lent.

By giving up evening internet, I have been hoping to spend a bit more time reading the Bible and other books that have been calling to me from my book shelf, including The Luminous Dusk, Renovation of the Heart, and The Upward Journey. I’ve been nibbling at all of them. Another goal is to create more time for prayer.

While some of those things have happened, I’ve found that Julie and I have been spending a lot more time together. The walk kind of rejuvenates us, and so we’re more likely hang out, talk politics, discuss the latest about my book project (that should be completely done by this weekend!), or hang with the rabbits in the living room. It’s been really nice.

I never realized how easy it is to get home and become preoccupied with reading articles online (in my case) or reading a book (in Julie’s case).

Perhaps the word I’m looking for is intentionality. If I have a bill to pay or want to catch up on the news, I have to carve out the time in the morning since I’m not permitting myself to do it in the evening. This discipline, this simple act of intention brings a large amount of free time to my evenings, even if it puts a little crunch on my mornings. It’s a good trade-off.

I suppose I’m surprised at how well this is going. Lent is a time to reevaluate, to repent, and to open new areas of our lives to God. Surrendering my evenings is chipping away at my small addiction to the internet. I am learning to get along without having all information immediately at my finger tips. Sometimes I have to wait. The immediacy of information today is kind of ridiculous. My drive to find it can be even worse.

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