McCain’s Valentine’s Day in Vermont

Presidential candidate John McCain actually visited Vermont yesterday. Though I’m pretty sure he’s not getting my vote, it’s kind of nice to know he’s thinking of us, even if we were just a refueling stop on his way to see Romney in Boston. McCain has now been to Vermont more than George W., who has never visited Vermont in his eight years.

You’d think W. would want to at least take a ski vacation at some point.

I read through McCain’s talking points and realized it was the usual “blah, blah” of Republicans: cut taxes, small government, protect the sanctity of marriage (as opposed to the blah blah of Democrats: more jobs, more health care, and protecting the environment. To his credit, McCain tried to draw a bit of attention to Vermont:

“I will take my campaign everywhere,” McCain vowed. “I will not concede a single vote or a single state to my opponent,” former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. He told reporters after his speech that if he’s the nominee he would return to the state during the fall campaign.

We all know that McCain stopped by to get a Vermont teddy bear for his daughter and Champlain Chocolates for his wife, but it’s nice that he tried to make it look like a campaign visit.

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