All Major Editing Operations Are Done: Mission Accomplished

It’s 1:21 AM and I have just finished the last of the edits in my book Coffeehouse Theology. There will still be things to tweak down the line I’m sure, but I am so relieved to have set this milestone.

What a trip this has been!

Writing a book has been one of those experiences filled with mountaintops and valleys, moments of elation and moments of despair. I have pushed myself to work like I never have before. It’s like I’ve never quite been done because there’s always some part of the book to work on. I’ve always had it on my mind.

There were moments when I really felt lost, unable to go on with a particular chapter that seemed to be going no where. Sometimes I had to scrap it all and start from scratch, remembering that everything I wrote was not wasted, but merely helped prepare me for the draft I will eventually keep. At other moments the words flew into place. I felt sharp and on target, as if there is nothing in the world I’d rather do.

And now I’m on the edge of another abyss of sorts. I’m done my first book, but it’s not going to be released until September 2008. That means I’ll have time to start chipping away at other projects, planning promotion, and doing who knows what else to keep myself out of trouble.

Maybe I’ll just come home after work and sit in the living room, doing absolutely… nothing.