Thanks to some heavy rain and melting snow, our backyard is completely under water. That’s about one solid acre of land completely submerged. Our raspberry bushes are barely poking their top branches above the water line, the blueberry bushes aren’t doing much better, and the drainage pipe is gurgling away somewhere under the water.

During the really heavy rains I watched the water rise up to and beyond an apple tree and within a foot of our back deck. Fortunately our house is built on a hill and we should be in good shape.

Besides the tapped maple trees and the boiling of the sap in sugar shacks, it’s a terrible time to be in Vermont. Cold, wet, muddy, windy, need I go on? A lot of people are heading down to Florida for a few weeks just to defrost, dry out, and get a little tan before things do the same around here come May. As for us, we’re just holed up with movies, books, the radio, and the Internet. We’re holding out for the maple open house weekend at the end of March.