From the West Bank to Publisher’s Weekly

I made a few changes to the way I’ll be posting links. I’ve been using, which is probably the best way to go, but I think it’s important to add a little commentary to each list of links, not to mention a title that gives readers a clue of what’s going on. So I’ll be posting on links without using for the time being.

This week a friend from college has been traveling in Israel. He spent a semester there after studied there in the fall of 2000. He’s been blogging about it and has some striking pictures of the wall around the West Bank. The wall is a new thing for me. Though Israel really clamped down on the borders during our time there, there still remained some hope that things could be worked out.

Now that Israelis and Palestinians are separated by a wall, I just don’t see how the Palestinians can avoid dropping further into the hopelessness and depression that breeds terrorism. From their perspective they have lot their land. If they don’t believe negotiating will bring about any changes to their situation, what should we expect from them? That’s not a way of condoning violence, but rather the sad truth that these people have been backed into a corner without many options left.

garrison On the other side of the Atlantic, Christian writer and satirist Becky Garrison has written The New Atheist Crusaders and Their Unholy Grail: The Misguided Quest to Destroy Your Faith. It’s a snarky response to the recent spate of atheism books claiming not only that God is fictional, but also that religion is the problem in our world. Publisher’s weekly gives Becky a nice nod and also mentions in an article listing every book responding to atheism that her sales are double what the publishers expected.


I just found an article about Southern Baptists who now believe  we have a moral responsibility to combat climate change.

And if that didn’t put a smile on your face, this will. The young woman in Hillary Clinton’s infamous 3 AM phone call advertisement is not only an Obama supporter, but a precinct captain for him! She made a commercial a while back for a company and the image used was purchased by the Clinton campaign.  She was shocked to see the ad and said, “What I don’t like about the ad is its fear-mongering.”

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