Mere Christianity: Jesus Saves

The flood waters have receded in my neck of Vermont. The road is partially washed away, but the ice embedded in our dirt road has melted in the warm March days that get the sap flowing in the maples. Even if the trails through the woods are a muddy mess, our road is a nice place to go for a walk.

While picking my way through the muddy channels carved into our road and enjoying the fading rays of the sun over the surrounding hills, I began to think about Christian unity and the simple question of what exactly we can agree on. I hit on a noun and a verb: Jesus Saves.

Is it too bold, too heady to assert that every Christian should at least be able to say that Jesus saves? Once we get into the how, why, when, or where of that matter we have diversity if not arguments and divisions. But if we are going to settle on square one, the cornerstone of our faith, I think we all need to start with Jesus saves.

Where we go from there is a bit more difficult. That is where we need to have grace-filled conversations about our different views. However, if we ever lose sight of that simple cornerstone of our faith, Jesus saves, then we are bound to divide over the details. Keeping this salvation that comes from Jesus, some how and in some way, seems to be the key to Christian unity.

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