Don’t Worry Everyone, China Guarantees They Will "Severely Punish" Tibetans…

torchChina has finally laid to rest all of our fears. The governor of Tibet has stated:

“If … anyone should attempt to disrupt or undermine the torch relay, they will be dealt with severely according to law.”

Phew. That makes me feel better. At least the torch will be safe. I was kind of worried that the torch may be interrupted on its was to Beijing while protestors in Tibet are beaten, murdered, locked up, and threatened.

The Chinese officials have to be NUTS if they think the rest of the world is concerned about the safety of the torch relay! Come on guys, learn from Pooh Bear: tap your head and repeat after me, “Think, think, think.”

Look, America is no angel. In the past six years or so we’ve invaded two countries for no reason that we’ll ever be able to clearly discern other than the twin bastards of fear and a vague war on terror. But let’s face it, the Olympics have been boiled down to a balance statement just like any other sport out there. It isn’t a matter of balancing sport and profit, it’s more a matter of the bare minimum sport required in order to make maximum profits. If you doubt me, put on body armor and then ask a Canadian how he feels about the state of hockey today.

If you survived the first tirade and feel brave, ask him about Gary Bettman’s innovations on the NHL.

I’m all for using sticks and carrots in the pursuit of a moderating agenda that avoids isolation from other countries. In other words, we can give China our business (carrots), if they pass and enforce labor laws that help their workers (sticks). We use this rule to a great effect in our home with our rabbits. We give them carrots, but will lock them up if they nibble on the couch or coffee table: sticks and carrots.

Not just carrots.

I understand that the International Olympic Committee isn’t a force for diplomacy, but they are an economic force. Where the money goes, so goes influence. Money talks. The IOC has silenced it.

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  1. ed Post author

    Thanks Nate. I stopped for a second when I wrote that and thought to myself, “Can there be twin bastards?” Well, of course!

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