How to Publish

I’ve been busy revamping things at my writing blog over the past few days. While I still have a ways to go as far as personalizing the design and graphics as my very own, I did manage to make a nifty little pencil graphic. However, with me it’s always about the writing.

Since I’m moving towards the publication of my first book (there’s a link to it on Amazon now, but that’s it) and have now entered the marketing phase, I thought it may be fun to revisit some of the steps I have taken over the past 3.5 years to arrive at this point. I created a category called “publishing” and will be posting a few times each week on some practical things you can do to get published. Though my ultimate goal will be publishing a book, publishing magazine articles are all part of the process, and so I’ll be able to address a variety formats.

Of course there is no sure-fire way to get published, but I have found some great ideas in reading the stories of other published authors and even managed to rule out a few things that would not have worked for me. Even if you’re not looking to get published, I find that many people are interested in knowing what goes into publishing.

I’ve actually reduced it to a simple formula:

hard work + lots of rejection + late nights + small victories + resilience + help from published authors = published book

Well, that’s a bit simplified and, if I may say so, formulaic, but you get the picture!

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