The Coffeehouse Theology "Line" of Books

I now have 3 little blips on the radar.

coffeehouse amazon bible study guide issues guide

First off we have the main book, Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life, my lay-level introduction to contextual theology.

Then we have the Coffeehouse Theology Bible Study Guide that digs into the scripture passages mentioned in the main book, fleshing out biblical guidelines for contextual theology.

Lastly, I push the envelope a little bit with a exploration of select topics in the Contemporary Issues Study Guide. War, race, terrorism, social justice, gender equality, and more show up in this guide that applies theology to a number of pressing issues for today.

By the way, if you swing by Amazon to have a look, check out the graphic in the top right corner of the Contemporary Issues Study Guide. There’s a coffee cup with a halo and wings! Someone on the design team at NavPress should be getting a bonus!