Redefining the Prosperity Gospel


The original prosperity gospel makes my greed the limit for my prayers and actions. It compels me to ask for more provision, more blessings, and more possessions for myself.

I’m asking myself this question today: Would it be helpful if we redefined the prosperity gospel?

The limit for the new prosperity gospel will be the needs of those around us.

We are called to give of ourselves and our possessions until everyone around us is prosperous.

We earn money so that we can care for our families and our neighbors. There is wisdom in accumulating wealth for our own rainy days in the future, but the new prosperity gospel recognizes that many of our neighbors have rainy days now. If we don’t help them, who will?

It’s true that we need to be responsible with the money we have earned, but the new prosperity gospel recognizes that we can hide behind responsibility as an excuse to avoid generosity and love for neighbor. In fact, the new prosperity gospel thrives on love for neighbor because we see how generous God has been to us. It compels us to become joyful givers, spreading God’s prosperity to others.

The original prosperity gospel is all about making myself and perhaps a few others in my circles prosperous.

The new prosperity Gospel is about spreading the wealth, sacrificing so that our neighbors have food, healthcare, shelter, and the ability to care for themselves. All that we call our own comes from God, and therefore our “possessions” become assets in God’s divine economy to use as he pleases for his message of prosperity where the needs of all are met.

6 thoughts on “Redefining the Prosperity Gospel

  1. Michael

    I agree with the economy you are describing to the extent that we are to reflect Kingdom living. However, I still think we wrestle with the “now and not yet”. All our efforts to live this way will be partial and provisional until Christ brings the Kingdom with power.

    1. ed Post author

      Don’t underestimate the value of the time you give to the men at SSCF! That is a huge investment in the Kingdom.

  2. John Nunnikhoven

    Thanks but don’t forget that we are called to advance the Kingdom in every aspect of our personal mission field. Recognizing that we are stewards not owners and implementing that fully in our lives is a major part of our equipping for that task. Tis the implementing that I am still working on! 😉 Far too often I use some thing as if it were mine not His.

  3. Sarah@EmergingMummy

    I like this. I like this because I grew up in the prosperity “movement’ or teachings through word of faith stuff. And I have struggled with how it is “emerging” and I see this happening in many areas and preachers which is encouraging. Well said, Ed. Trust you to always bring the grace.

  4. erin a.

    Excellent new definition. He does “own the cattle on a thousand hills”. But I am pretty sure they are not all for me, if only my faith were big enough. :)
    He blesses us so that others can be blesses through us by Him.

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