My New Book: The Tweets of the Apostles in the NTV


I’m proud to announce my latest book release:

Read the book of Acts with fresh eyes and easily retweet your favorite passages with the New Twitter Version’s latest translation: The Tweets of the Apostles

Download the full E-book today:

Download to your Kindle ($.99)

Download to your Nook ($.99)

Want to check it our first before you toss a buck my way?

Download the free PDF (portrait orientation)

Download the free PDF (landscape orientation)

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About the Tweets of the Apostles in the NTV

Twitter has changed everything in our world: how we communicate, market, and network. Now, Twitter is changing how we read and understand the Bible. Until now, every translator of the Bible was bound to report every single detail in the original manuscripts.

With Twitter, we’ve found a fast, efficient, easily shared way of communicating that cuts out the repetition and cluttered details. By constraining the message of Acts into a series of tweets, readers will quickly grasp the complete message of the book of Acts and easily share the Gospel with their friends and neighbors who may not understand the Gospel if we build orphanages and provide clean water for the poor, but who may understand a simple, succinct tweet.

The New Twitter Version keeps the message of Acts simple, effective, and easy to share. By focusing on the minor details of the Acts story and cutting out the long, repetitious conversion narratives, this fresh translation reshapes the Bible into the image of today’s communication technology so that we can relate to the characters, understand the challenges they faced, and learn more about what they ate for lunch.

Download the TNV Media Kit now.

Is The Tweets of the Apostles a Real Book?

The NTV and The Tweets of the Apostles is a real book in that you can download and read a real E-book. However, this book is being released on April 1st. Take a moment to consider what usually happens on April 1st. Whoopee cushions… Staplers in jello… Threats to conduct small group over Skype… (Yes, my brilliant friend actually pulled that one off!)

Are you following me?

In fact, every year I release a book like this on April 1st.

All that to say, while I do spend a lot of time talking about what Christians do and believe and how our culture impacts both, you may not want to form your judgments of me based on the NTV. Coffeehouse Theology would be a much better place to start.

What Authors Are Saying…

“Ed Cyzewski has done it again! (Whatever it is that he does).”
– Bradley Wright, Author of Upside and Christians Are Hate-Filled Hypocrites and Other Lies You’ve Been Told

"I would loudly proclaim my endorsement of Ed Cyzewski’s writing but I’m not sure how to pronounce his last name."
– Jason Boyett, Creator of the 9 Thumbs podcast ( and author of some books

“Wow, Ed C…ski has done it again. This is a GR8, 1st-rate book! If u read this book & it d/n change ur life, there’s something wrong w/ u. D/n miss it!”
– Matt Woodley, managing editor of & author of The Gospel of Matthew: God with Us

About the Author

EdC200Ed Cyzewski (MDiv, Biblical Seminary) is a freelance writer and blogger at who uses curiosity, a seminary degree, and bad puns to help his readers follow Jesus. He aims to make good theology accessible, interesting, and practical. Ed is the author of Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life and Divided We Unite: Practical Christian Unity. He is the co-author of Hazardous: Committing to the Cost of Following Jesus (CLC, Fall 2012) with Derek Cooper.

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