How to Become a Better Faith Blogger: Steal


There is a time-honored tradition of theft in the writing trade, and Christian writers shouldn’t let the 10 Commandments stop us from joining in. The idea of literary theft isn’t plagiarism. Rather, it resembles an artist in training who “copies” masterpieces in order to learn the basics of mixing colors and the scale of each person or object—provided the artist never tries to pass this work off as his/her own.

Artists don’t begin by drawing or painting objects out of proportion or developing a unique style. They first learn to recreate reality or reproduce another painting and then build on that for their own improvisations as they develop their own style.

There are some basic skills every faith blogger should have, and the way you can develop them is by learning from those who do them best. Once you’ve spent some time examining some basic principles of what works and what doesn’t work, you can add your own spin to the posts you compose for your own blog.

There are plenty of great writing and blogging resources around, but as I put this series together, I thought it would be especially helpful to adopt a Christian blogging angle. Most of us either blog for a Christian audience or communicate to Christians in a variety of settings. There are lessons here for all of us.

Each day of this series, I’m going to pick a blogger who puts a particular blogging/writing trait into practice. This blogger may not be the most successful faith blogger or even the one who has the best results from that particular trait.

This is not a list of the top bloggers.

Perhaps it’s best to think of this as a tour of my little writing community—like a garden tour in a particular neighborhood. Even if the blogs in my writing community aren’t always at the top when it comes to analytics, they have so much to teach us.

I’ll also add that I don’t do everything I’m going to mention in this series. My sense is that no one can do all of these things perfectly, but if you want to become a better faith blogger, putting some of these lessons into practice will certainly help

The series kicks off tomorrow with a lesson from Shawn Smucker.

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  1. Amy Young

    Ed, I wanted to post last night … but due to the political time of year here in China the internet is turned down to be maddeningly SLOW in the evenings. Just wanted to say, I look forward to the series!!

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