How to Become a Better Faith Blogger: The Essentials


Becoming a better faith blogger begins with zeroing in on the essentials for a blog post.

If you’ve ever stumbled across Shawn Smucker’s blog before, you’ll most likely notice how spare his site is. The design is simple and minimalistic, but more importantly, his writing is beautifully succinct and compact.

Shawn doesn’t waste words in his post, and I suspect that’s only the case because he’s a brutal butcher with them during the editing process.

There are no unnecessary rabbit trails with his posts. He sticks to his story, hits you with the details you need, and keeps things moving. Shawn’s writing is never flashy. He doesn’t hit you over the head with emotion or melodramatic scenes.

Perhaps Shawn’s Amish roots show best in his simple blog posts that move forward with expert efficiency. He keeps you reading and engaged because every detail is essential.

The brain dump is the bane of blogs. While there’s nothing wrong with a longer, informative post that explores a topic in depth, many of us can tell our stories or make our points in 500 words—or less.

We’ve all suffered through blog posts that read like narrative grocery lists of unimportant details.

I was taking the dog for a walk in our park that was closed recently due to construction…

Then I had this idea for a blog post, but I wasn’t sure how exactly I should write about it…

Are you dying from boredom yet?

Who cares. Make your point. Tell your story. Keep. It. Moving.

When I started reading Shawn’s blog, I noticed how much story he crammed into his relatively short posts. He challenged me to ruthlessly cut out the non-essentials in my own posts.

We blog about faith because we have stories to tell and lessons to share. However, we can obscure our message when we let the non-essentials clutter our blog posts.

If you want to learn how to stick to the essentials in your blogging, start with Shawn’s blog post: Losing Our Brakes at 8,000 Feet.

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