New eBooks: Become a Better Faith Blogger and Creating Space Are Free Today

My two-day giveaway for Creating Space begins today. So below you’ll find the link to Creating Space, some details about it, and an additional eBook you can download.

Today and tomorrow, you can download my Creating Space for free.

Creating Space: The Case for Everyday Creativity is a brief manifesto that will encourage everyone to put their creative gifts into practice. Creativity isn’t a mistake. It can serve as a holy discontent that may lead us to some of our most meaningful creations.

“This book is a much-needed resource for anyone who has lost the artist within due to the hurriedness of life.”
– Ben Arment, Founder of STORY

Creativity is a gift everyone has been given to share, but doubt, discouragement, and distractions hinder the ability of many to pursue their creative passions. Whether you doodle, sing in the shower, knit scarves, or scribble poems, Creating Space will encourage you to make space in your life in order to fulfill your creative calling, using your gifts to their fullest extent.



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This eBook provides tips for keeping up with your blog and concrete ideas that you can use tomorrow, while also introducing readers to some of the most innovative writers.



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Is Creativity Worth Fighting For?

One of my most important insights over the past three years of writing full time is that pursuing a creative calling and nurturing creative gifts will be time-consuming, inefficient, and sometimes painful.

It’s hard to write three drafts of a book chapter before it’s finally ready to ship.

It’s inefficient to write pages of ideas when you can only use two or three of them.

It’s hard to read a critical review or to watch someone hardly take notice of your work.

That is the struggle that every creative person faces. Artists, designers, writers, and anyone else who creates something will have to fight against the difficulties of cultivating a creative gift.

One of my goals in Creating Space is to convince readers that while the work of creativity is painful and inefficient, it’s always worth it in the end. When we make something that is meaningful or beautiful for someone else, we’re creating a kind of value that defies measurement.

The process of developing your creative talents is demanding, but the investment you’re making will last a lifetime and hopefully beyond.