We’re Booked: 3 Picks by Emily McFarlan Miller

Today’s guest post is by Emily McFarlan Miller:

One of my New Year’s resolutions in 2012 was to read a book a month.

This doesn’t sound terribly ambitious for somebody who loves to read as much as I do, but, believe you me, it was for somebody who convinced herself she was too busy with much more “important” things as frequently as I did this year.

Since I didn’t get to all that many, there are no real surprises on my list, all brand-new Christian memoirs — my favorite. So I’ve also included some alternatives, in case you’ve already read all three. Happy reading!

3. “Love Does” by Bob Goff

“Love Does” is a quick, easy and entirely winsome read. It’s packed with stories from a life lived “to the fullest,” the kind of life Jesus said He came so we could have. And Goff has distilled all those complicated thoughts you’ve had and maybe even tried to live, like, "I used to think I needed to record stories, but now I know I just need to engage them."

If you liked this, you’ll love: “Neighbors and Wise Men” by Tony Kriz. I’m cheating a little – I just got this book for Christmas. But it falls into the same category of Book Written By A Guy Donald Miller Mentioned In Another Book.

2. “Still” by Lauren Winner

In her books, Winner has chronicled her conversion to Christianity, noted her own marriage and advocated for living romantic relationships in community. So she couldn’t not address the dissolution of her marriage, especially when that brought with it a mid-faith crisis. She writes about both crises in “Still” with grace and discretion, something that, in addition to the lived reality of marriage, has helped me this year as a newlywed to view others’ relationships with more compassion and understanding.

If you liked this, you’ll love: “Angry Conversations with God” by Susan Isaacs. In which Isaacs takes God to couples counseling. This sounds terribly irreverent following “Still,” but the author is just as raw and honest, as well as warm and funny.

1. “A Year of Biblical Womanhood” by Rachel Held Evans

In the first year-and-a-half I’ve been married, like the journalist I am, I’ve thrown myself into investigating every voice on the topic of what it means to be a wife. Meantime, Evans was living “A Year of Biblical Womanhood,” writing down a whole lot of what was running through my head. This meant I carried her book around with me for more than a month, just gazing at it weirdly and fondly long after I had finished reading it, as if all that research magically had manifested itself into a book on its own.

If you liked this, you’ll love: “Evolving in Monkey Town” by Rachel Held Evans. This sets up the argument Evans continues in her second book that the Bible is meant to be a conversation starter – making it another book that urged me this year to compassion and understanding.

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