Doing Justice: Announcing a New Guest Post Series

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Micah 6:8 in the NIV says: “What does God require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

The first item on that list haunts me. I’m not sure that I do all that much justice, or if I try to act justly, I’m not sure I do enough or the right kind. It’s something I want to work on a bit more this year, but I need some accountability and inspiration to make sure it happens.

That’s why I’m announcing a new guest post series for each Friday called Doing Justice. I’m going to ask guest bloggers to share stories based on the following writing prompt: How are you doing justice?

We already know something about what it looks like to fail at acting justly. This series is about how we have lived justly or are continuing to live justly. I’ll be kicking it off with a post or two of my own to set the tone, and then we’ll begin with the guest posts.

The first guest post in the series will be written by none other than D. L. Mayfield, who ministers among immigrants in an inner city neighborhood.

Interested in contributing a story about how you’re acting justly?

Email a 2-4 sentence pitch to me at edcyzewski (at) gmail (dot) com, and we’ll take it from there. The shorter your pitch, the better, and I can’t repost something from your blog, lest the Google gods penalize me for stealing content.

And by the way, as of this Friday, the Women in Ministry series will be moving to the blog of pastor, author, and blogger Katherine Willis Pershey. I’ve been sensing for a while that the series needed a fresh jolt of vision and a new home, so I’m delighted that she has agreed to keep the series going. More details about that are coming soon as well!

Upcoming Blog Series

What Keeps Us from God?

Now that we’re done with the “We’re Booked!” series, it’s time to announce the next series coming up here on the blog.

For the month of January, I’m exploring the question: What keeps us from God?

I arrived at this in a rather round about way. One day I made a list of barriers that keep me from writing. The list was long and sort of depressing. However, once I could name each barrier, I began to think of ways to overcome them.

There’s something about naming our obstacles that helps us take another step toward beating them.

As I thought about these barriers, I was reminded of Anne Lamott’s talk at STORY 2012, where she mentioned that everything she knows about writing and Christianity are really the same.

As I looked at the barriers that keep me from my calling as a writer, I could see how they’ve impacted my walk with God as well. So buckle up, we’re going to dig deep into some big issues, but the reward will be well worth it.

Did God Do That?

During the month of February, I hope to explore the topic of God’s sovereignty. I’m a recovering Calvinist who has found a happy home in the Arminian end of things with a healthy dose of the charismatic (read: I go to a Vineyard church).

The more I look back on the God of Calvinism, the more I can see how dramatically that theology has permeated my everyday thinking. I always tell myself that God just wanted this or God sent something my way or God did whatever else. There’s still a big God at work in my thinking.

My question is this: how do we know what God is really doing in our lives?

We’ll look at questions like:

Are we blaming God for stuff that he has no part in?

What are the risks of saying God is more “involved” than he really is?

How do we keep from overcorrecting and making God too small?

If you want to follow along, subscribe at the top of the blog in the center column for either RSS or email updates.

Off we go!

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  1. lisa delay

    One thing I’m struck by with (staunch) Calvinism is how fast it can move toward deism. Hyper-calvanism esp has all the markings of Enlightenment thinking. Funny huh?

    SO OAKY! You’ve officially whet my appetite for 2013!

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