Doing Justice: Why I’m Kicking Off a New Series


There’s a major problem that Christian bloggers such as myself face. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for years, and perhaps a recent tweet by a celebrity pastor just highlights that tension. In fact, it’s a tension that both Christian authors and bloggers face:

Christianity is all about what we DO with what we believe.

But I write about it.

Remember the wise man who built his house on the rock?

Remember what John said about showing our love for God?




Do stuff that God calls you to do.

Step away from the computer and heal, love, feed, visit, and clothe.

Christianity is a religion about action. Yes, beliefs are important, but if those beliefs don’t translate into concrete action that reshapes how we live, it’s literally all in our heads.

That’s something that bugs me sometimes. It’s easy to lay on the couch and tap out a blog post compared to taking that same hour to serve a meal at the community center down the road. It’s not too costly to pay for a month of web hosting, but I feel like Francis of Assisi when I give up a few shirts to the community center.

God wants people who act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with him.

I’m all for humility.

Some days God needs to prod me to walk with him, but I can usually get there.

Loving mercy isn’t always my first instinct, but it’s a flaw that’s easy to spot since clue #1 is I’m acting like a JERK.

Acting justly or doing justice or doing what is right is something I can’t quite put my finger on. At what point am I doing enough or too little?

It’s something I can overlook, and yet it’s so critical in the teachings of Jesus. And even when the early church was working out stuff with Paul over circumcision, one of the most basic things they asked him to do was to “remember the poor,” and Paul was all like, “Well, yeah, of course I’m going to do that. Who wouldn’t?”

As I read my paraphrase, I think to myself, “Me. I would not remember the poor.”

Who are the poor?

Who is suffering injustice?

What can I do?

Beats me.

Those questions are driving me to put together this new guest post series about justice and particularly what all of us are doing to make justice happen and to act justly in our everyday lives.

I’ve done small things like visit prison inmates and pray with them. I’ve served meals. I’ve donated stuff.

However, I keep wondering if I can step up my game. I have this nagging thought that I far prefer writing about Christianity over making the tough sacrifices—doing the things Jesus asked us to do.

Who doesn’t flinch a bit when reading Matthew 25?

For 2013, we’ll spend each Friday looking at a new story about the ways someone is doing justice or acting justly. I’ll be working on my own little justice project too. It’s going to be a secret because I don’t want my neighbors to become my “writing projects” when I’m serving them.

Perhaps you’ll want to plan your own little project. If you want to talk about some ideas, drop me a note in the comments and I’ll send you an email next week.

How to Join This Series

For starters, make sure you do two things

  1. Subscribe to my blog (see the links at the top of the center column).
  2. Subscribe to my e-newsletter where I’ll share updates about the series.

Write your own story…

Contact me at edcyzewski (at) gmail (dot) com with a 2-4 sentence pitch for your guest post. Some guidelines:

  • I’m loosely interpreting “doing justice” along the lines of Matthew 25, though feel free to offer your own angle.
  • Keep the pitch short so I can reply faster!
  • I can’t repost an existing post, lest Google penalizes me.
  • Make sure it’s a story, not a theology lesson.

Next Week’s Blogger: The ONE and ONLY D. L. Mayfield

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