An Everlasting Meal: She’s Already at My Table

I’m guest posting for my friend Preston Yancey today. Preston consistently impresses me with the depth of his reflections on both writing and Christian theology, especially the role that the sacraments play in our faith. Today I’m writing about one of our most important dinner guests:

She’s Already at My Table

She spotted the theology books first. As we sat down to eat, she eagerly asked, “Who’s the theologian?”

Looking back, I can’t get over how easily she asked that question. The Bible had been used to hurt her so many times. It was like the child of an alcoholic wanting to casually chat about favorite mixed drinks. And yet, there was no mistaking her curiosity.

She had every reason to judge me based on my books. She could have judged me the same exact way Christians had judged her and her girlfriend.

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