EdC200Hello… my name is Ed. I’m a writer, blogger, and author of several books. I specialize in the creative presentation of ideas.

In a mirror dimly is where I write about sustainable discipleship for the long haul, offering an imperfect and sometimes sarcastic perspective on following Jesus. The name "in a mirror dimly" was chosen by a friend of mine because it draws a picture of reflections, but of something not completely graspable. Knowledge, but limited in scope.

A few things about me…

I write books:

My wife and I live in Columbus, Ohio where she attends graduate school at OSU, we both attend Central Vineyard, and neither of us attend OSU football games.

My wife and I have a son named Ethan, and we fully expect him to terrorize our house rabbits—they had it coming.

I blog professionally for businesses and for a number of leading websites, such as A Deeper Family, The High Calling, Prodigal, Believe.com, and Faith Village.

I work as a freelance writer, specializing in blogging, book editing, magazine writing, newsletter writing, and just about anything else that involves stringing together words. You can even hire me and pay me money. 

My eBook Creating Space was a Kindle bestseller, #1 for Creativity and Writing as well as a top 100 free Kindle eBook during a promotion. It was also a top 5 paid Kindle eBook.

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About Ed

Ed Cyzewski (MDiv Biblical Theological Seminary) works as a freelance writer in Columbus, OH. He is the co-author of Unfollowers: Unlikely Lessons on Faith from the Doubters of Jesus and The Good News of Revelation and the author of A Christian Survival Guide, Creating Space, and Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life. Ed writes regularly for a number of magazines and web sites. He blogs on  freelance writing at: www.edcyzewski.com and on theology at www.inamirrordimly.com.


My Fancy Writing Site

edcyz.com :: Hire Ed for your next writing or editing project: book proposal evaluations, blog posts, business reports, and book editing.



Disclaimer: I view a blog as a good first draft of my ideas and to shape my beliefs over time. Blogs, to me, are not repositories of conclusions, but places to grow and develop. Links may contain affiliate codes. Assume books reviewed on this blog were provided by publishers.


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  23. Pam Dahl

    I’m also a Christian, and I appreciate you perspective on the world. You write about good issues.


  24. Drake Zimmerman

    Hey there, Ed!

    My name is Drake, I’m just stopping by to say I love reading your blog and to ask a favor. I work for a company called Ora, and they have developed a new social media app which excellently integrates prayer-life. You can check it out at Ora.net.

    As John Piper put it: “One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time.” This distraction that social media has become has dwindled many peoples’ prayer-life by posing as a time-wasting substitute. Our founders saw this, and created the app to bridge the gap between the necessity of prayer and the distraction of social media. It works very similarly as Facebook, but rather than posting statuses, it encourages posting prayers and praises to share with your friends.

    Please take a minute or two and just play around with it. If you like it, we’d love to hear from you. If you don’t, we’d still love to hear from you! Let us know if you have any ideas as to how to make it more user-friendly, aesthetic, or any other way we could improve it!

    Thank you! I do appreciate you taking time to read my lengthy message! Have a wonderful day!

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  26. Eric

    Hi Ed, I wanted to contact you about guest blogging. I prefer not to ask in a public forum, but I saw no other way to contact you. Please e-mail me if you are interested. Thanks! Eric

  27. Steve Barker


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  28. Ros Reifler

    Hi! I’m Ros from Realm Design, a Christian jewellery designer who produces jewellery pieces that are used for evangelism purposes.

    Right now people all over the USA are getting ready to attend Burning Man Festival in Nevada USA in late August for a week, where just about anything goes and sin is celebrated.

    But did you know that there is also a team of 40 evangelists right now who are getting ready to go in to minister to the masses who will descend upon the desert for 10 days?

    I need your help! And I have an amazing reward for your readers – a Burning Lion Bible Verse pendant each of them if they donate a minimum of $100 to our mission fundraiser!

    In short, I have designed stainless steel “Lion of Judah” pendants for Cindy McGill’s team of 40 evangelists to lead people into meaningful conversations about Jesus at their tent, the Freedom Lounge. The pendant symbolises the “Burning Lion” who went into the fire to ‘get the ‘Burning man’ out’.

    I am so excited about this design, and it is my hope to provide 1000 pendants for the team to use. Once we have reached our goals to fund the pendants, anything extra will go toward helping Cindy with the actual outreach itself, which costs thousands of dollars to fund.

    Can you help? I am sure it would make a fantastic piece of news for your readers and provide you with different angles to blog about. Your readers will also receive a gift for their donation – what a bonus!

    I have a media pack with web-ready images also that I can send you if you can let me know if you would be willing to write about this.

    The campaign will run from July 1 to August 14th so I hope to hear from you soon. You can read more about it and see photos of the pendants here (www.realmdesign.com.au/burninglion).

    Ros @ Realmdesign.com.au

  29. James


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    I need a couple of posts on your website and I will pay you via PayPal for hosting my unique articles.

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