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Professional Writing and Communications: With over eight years experience handling marketing, newsletters, blogging, editing, and copy writing for a variety of organizations and individuals, I am available for long and short term freelance work. My rates will vary depending on the nature of the work.

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Contact me at edcyzewski(at)gmail(dot)com to discuss the ways I can help you and your organization.


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Taylor University: B.A. English Literature and Biblical Literature

Biblical Theological Seminary: Master of Divinity

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One thought on “For Hire


    We started as a ‘church finder’ site and have built up to about 27k visits per month (steady climb) but WITHOUT ongoing content. So, we are now processing to become a ‘content driven’ website along with a church finder widget (I love that word).

    Anyway, I’m searching for a few hipster disciples and followers of Christ who LOVE to write and totally enthusiastic about Him! Not only loves to write, but not afraid of leading!

    If interested, share your cost to write 400-1000 word articles on below hot topics (or create your own)… or if you prefer a link back we will consider that too.

    Later, I hope.

    Larry Fowler

    Prospective Titles:

    Are Mega Churches Becoming The New Liberalism?

    Do More Growing Churches Avoid Homosexuality?

    How 21st Century Churches Are Changing Right Under Our Nose.

    “I Said The Amazing Prayer Of Salvation Today… Am I Automatically Going To Heaven?”

    Women In The Clerigy: Priests, Pastors, Ministers, Rabbis

    Is ‘Heaven Is For Real’, Real?

    The Top 10 Growing CHurches In America

    The Top 5 Most Influential Churches In America

    Is It OK For Welfare Recipients Can Use Debit Cards To Buy Marijuana?

    Poll: Americans Feel Least Safe Since 9/11.

    Are Churches Today Becoming More Like Social Clubs?

    Do Seeker Churches Compromise Truth?

    Chicago Medical School Openly Enrolls Illegals.

    Where Does The Church Stand On Condoms In The Schools, Sex-Ed, And Premarital Sex?

    Will Same Sex Marriages Be The Norm In All Churches?

    My Top 7 Legend Masters of Faith and Why!

    Church’s Prospective On Euthaniasia And Assisted Suicide

    Your Church Have Hot Chicks?

    The Next Century Generation Churches! Yikes!

    My Dad Committed Suicide, Is He In Heaven?

    Youth Programs and Homosexuality

    Should Politics Be Discussed From The Podium?

    Is There A Direct Correlation To Depression Along With the Rise of Atheism?

    Are You Ready To Shake Hands With The Transgendered Person Sitting Next To You In CHurch?


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