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Searching for Hope

Back in 1996 and then in 1999 This America Life broadcasted a show about the lack of inspiration and hope in America’s political scene. Here is the intro to the story:

“As we head into another Presidential primary season filled with candidates that few people find very inspiring, This American Life broadcasts stories of political idealists, stories designed to provide some small sense of hope about American politics.”

How times have changed. It’s hard to be certain about anything in politics, but if Barack Obama can keep up the momentum through November and win this election, we may see a new kind of politics and a chance to realize some of the foolish idealism and empty dreams that send us into the voting booths every four years for a Republicrat who will most likely bring us more of the same.

Whether or not you think Obama is the real deal, you have to admit that part of the wave he’s riding is our nation’s frustration with politicians and the attack or be attacked nature of Washington. According to This American Life, we’ve had this coming for a long time–at least since 1996. I think that helps put the election of 2008 into a sharper focus.