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Is Hedges Right about the Christian Right?

I’m still thinking through the presentation by Chris Hedges last night and I did a little digging into some interviews with him. For instance, he was interviewed a little over a year ago about his book American Fascists on Talk of the Nation. I was thinking that he was perhaps a bit rough on Christians, but in the interview on Talk of the Nation I think he does say the people on the far right he’s worried about are only about 10% of Christians. However he does fear the influence of the fringes on the rest of Christians on the right who may not be so extreme.

I have to say that I think he’s overreacting to Christians on the extreme end of our faith. He has clearly encountered some disturbing streams in fundamentalist Christianity, but I don’t think he’s aware that even some Evangelicals on the right are put off by the more extreme fundamentalists he describes in his interview. This is not to mention Christians more to the center and to the right.

Hedges seems to fear that the far right will gain more and more power and influence, eventually creating an intolerant America where homosexuals are persecuted, if not executed, everyone is forced to accept the Christian ideology, and all laws are run through the far right’s interpretive grid.

Sensationalist? I think so. As a Christian who’s more to the middle, I can’t see the far right taking over the middle. If anything, I see the right imploding upon itself as it corners itself into increasing obscurity and irrelevance. I’m not a reporter, but I am a Christian, so that’s my $.02.

I’m sure that Hedges hopes I’m right…