Complete guides through content marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a digital marketing technique for b2b and b2c companies.

The goal: to turn prospects into leads, leads to customers, and customers into satisfied brand ambassadors with informative, advisory and entertaining elements.

Reasons for content marketing

User behavior has changed
In the past – or, to be honest: often still today – it was sales that developed a prospect into a customer in b2b. Marketing was more about providing the right material, such as a meaningful PPT, brochure or product sheets. The purchase decision process at the customer was different.

In the past, sales were there from the start.
Sales were contacted right from the start, information requested and compared. A good salesperson could have a lot of influence on which criteria the potential customer ultimately included in his purchase decision.

Today Google accompanies the first 57% of the decision-making process.
Today, everything works differently: b2b customers are also the first to question Google. Here you can find almost all information in SB: checklists, eBooks, blog posts, reviews, discussion forums, etc.

If someone deals extensively with a topic these days, he may end up knowing what he needs better than the seller himself! Studies have found that 57% of the buying decision process is complete before contacting a sales representative!

The consequence: modern marketing has a much greater responsibility. It must ensure that relevant information is discovered and considered by the potential customer when he is still in the information-gathering phase.

Differentiation from inbound marketing

Actually, there can be no question of delimitation here! Symbiosis is better.
Content marketing is an important, if not an essential part of inbound marketing.
Inbound marketing wants to be “found by the customer”, while the classic outbound model is about actively addressing customers. Inbound marketing is the method, content marketing is the tool to achieve this.

Forms and formats of content

  • Text, for example in blog articles or social media posts
  • Visual elements such as picture oases, diagrams, infographics
  • Videos, screencasts, eLearning
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Websites, microsites, landing pages
  • eBooks, white papers, checklists

Find the right content marketing agency

The cheapest option with the shortest routes is certainly to do content marketing on your own. However, there are often a number of obstacles to this: too little time, a lack of expertise or a lack of specialized staff.

The alternative: turn on a content marketing agency or another external service provider! Apart from occasional coordination processes and shoulder glances, you have as little effort as possible with professional results.

Which agency is right for you?

It is best to start with an inventory: Which fields of content marketing have you already covered internally or through other partners? Are you already working with an external service provider in a certain area? If so: Can it cover other relevant areas professionally and competently?

Before you search, you should find out exactly what you are looking for:

  • a freelancer who relieves you of work and does exactly what you tell him to do?
  • or an agency that also supports you with the content marketing strategy and campaigns?

Have a look at the references. Does the agency already work for similar companies and industries? What do the agency’s previous work look like? Does the procedure, the design and the level of content suit you?

In addition to references in the area of customers and projects, the content marketing of the agency itself can of course also be an important point of orientation!

By the way: There is no general approach to finding the ideal content marketing partner. Ultimately, of course, the chemistry has to be right too!

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